Amjobz Corporate


Chairman Message

Dr. Adil Sakhi Al Balushi
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

     "A vision towards the future of Online e-marketing which plays a vital role in daily life of people drives our mission to success. Dr. Adil Sakhi Al Balushi is the man with vast experience locally and internationally, served in India, UAE and Oman. Graduated from the University of Birmingham, England in 2001 with a Master Degree in International Development. Recently obtained his PhD in Leadership from Lahay University in 2014. Currently serves the UAE Contractors Association in Dubai as General Manager.

     Amjobz started its operations in 2015 to meet the exceeding demand of fast growing economy. We are committed to provide world class platform to our clients and with highest level of transparency, seeking feedback to improve the standards of our online services.

     I wish to mention here that the highly talented and qualified team of professionals engaged in carrying out research in SEO, website optimization and development which drives the ranking positions and the reachability all over the world. I believe this movement can change the pace of next level of online marketing. Today‚Äôs business leaders are keenly aware of the heightened needs in their communities around the world. We understand the need of the hour and will accommodate it."

Dr. Adil Sakhi Al Balushi

Amjobzglobal Group of Companies



Vice Chairman Message

Gregory Pius
4 Muddiford Lane, Furzton, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK4 1LS, England, UK

It's an absolute honour and privilege for me to address all of you as Vice Chairman of Amjobz Global.

Being an entrepreneur myself for more than 4 decades, I recognise and know something about each and everyone of you. You are all Entrepreneurs. Who is an Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and creates an aircraft on the way down.

Let me quote the words of world renowned Success Coach, Grant Cardone - "The failing economy is a global Problem and entrepreneurs are a global solution"

We are all solution creators and hence 97 percent of the people in the world own 3 percent of the wealth and 3 percent of entrepreneurs in the world own 97 percent of the wealth in the world.

I am excited and honoured to introduce to you all, a very progressive, forward-thinking and innovative company with an ambition to build 'world class' e-Portal to enable businesses to grow and develop globally creating WEALTH. Amjobz Global is an enabler to all businesses to reach its full potential, created by a handful of very resourceful individuals who have a vision to propel companies and individuals to achieve great results in all aspects of success.

Come join this vision of creation! It creates the most profitable programs where anyone can make a success story. Join the business as an affiliate, you can start a business with little or no investment and yet make HUGE returns through this venture. The sky's the limit! A glimpse of the services below shows that Amjobz Global is here to stay and make the biggest impact in the e-marketing world.

Amjobz Global is poised to achieve the following in the e-commerce arena:

Business Promotions/Advertisements through social media regardless of its size. Worldwide job availability and HR services

Franchises with affiliates aiding in global social media promotional matters earning 100% profit

Four types of Income opportunity for those who are ready for the Amjobz challenge!

Business Development strategies (Easy social media networking of Logo and websites with images)

Instant Dashboard information for entrepreneurs to respond to market-place and customer preferences

When I said that the sky is the limit, I meant exactly that. Which company in the world is working towards 100% employment or profit? Amjobz Global is doing just that. If you are ambitious and resourceful this is the place to be.

Gregory Pius

The Vice Chairman
Amjobzglobal Group of Companies